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Temperature and humidity monitoring

BOREA is a system designed for the continuous logging and monitoring of data related to temperature and humidity, both in fixed locations (warehouses) and in mobile equipment (distribution vehicles). In addition, it serves as a tool for the autonomous air conditioning of warehouses.

BOREA’s purpose is to enable control of the temperature and humidity curves of stored goods and to immediately identify when they are outwith the established security ranges.

The system serves as a traceability tool for the cold chain of goods during storage and transport, complying with the guidelines and recommendations established by current regulations.

Borea meets all the established requirements and it is compliant with the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) according to the EN 12830 regulation and the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) following the guidelines of the CFR 21 part 11 of the FDA.

BOREA is made up of a communications gateway and a range of temperature and humidity sensors and data loggers that are installed at critical points in the warehouse or vehicle where continuous temperature and humidity monitoring is necessary.

The temperature and humidity data recorded by the sensors and data loggers ​​are sent in real time to the communications gateway, which in turn sends them to a server where the information is centralized for viewing through the BOREA website based platform. Due to its conituous logging and monitoring, BOREA serves as a tool for the autonomous air conditioning of warehouses.

The BOREA system sends all the collected data through the network (3G GPRS / Ethernet) and centralizes it in a cloud server.


Plataforma BOREA

Plataforma BOREA

BOREA is designed so that customers can have their registration data available at all times and immediately through their database.

The main benefit, in addition to an exhaustive control of the cold chain of the merchandise, is the possibility of integrating the registration data in real time in SCADA systems.

Thanks to the integration of BOREA into SCADA systems, our clients are able to act on the air conditioning machines according to the BOREA registration values ​​and thus ensure the air conditioning of the warehouses in an autonomous and unassisted way.

Autonoums air conditioning of warehouse thanks to BOREA's SCADA integration

This autonomous control of the air conditioning is generating considerable economic savings in electricity consumption for the air conditioning of warehouses.

From BOREA’s website based platform, among other features, the users are able to:

Temperature and humidity monitoring
Generar de gráficas y filtro de datos
Descargar y generar informes de registros
Generar alertas personalizadas
Crear zonas y mapas personalizados del almacén o vehículo
Generar automáticamente toda la documentación necesaria para hacer frente a inspecciones de la administración (BPD, cadena de frío, etc.)
Crear mapas de temperatura actuales del almacén, cámara frigorífica o vehículo
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