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Route optimization and fleet management for distribution

TORSA’s fleet control system for the distribution industry enables real-time vehicle fleet monitoring and optimization of routes from logistics centers to smaller warehouses or end customers

The system provides data about positioning, speed and route status of each vehicle through the platform TORSA Cloud. In addition, the system is able to generate customized reports and statistics incorporating the most relevant data for each vehicle and route.

Torsa Cloud Control de flota Vehículo

The system allows the client to identify the route being followed by the vehicle throughout its distribution journey. This tool is very useful when recreating situations and analyzing goods dispatch times to clients or other logistic centers.

In addition, fleet control allows exhaustive control of each vehicle based on the various parameters that the system generates. All the systems embedded in the vehicles can be configured remotely via the TORSA Cloud platform, which displays the necessary information for each user profile . The system displays different dashboards for the various departments of the logistics operator, permitting a wide range of data and reports to be consulted. All reports can be adapted by TORSA according to the specific needs of each customer.

Torsa Cloud Control de Flota

The gateway that allows fleet control belongs to the environment BOREA which, in addition to receiving GPS coordinates (received through the antenna located in the vehicle) can also receive temperature and humidity data from the recorders installed in the vehicle. In this way, the temperature and humidity data can be traced via the GPS positions of the vehicle through its routes. This is a very useful tool for ensuring the traceability of the cold chain of the goods throughout all points of distribution.

As a result of the implementation of the system, processes are optimised and an increase in productivity in the distribution of merchandise can be observed thanks to the following indicators:

Analysis of the state of the goods throughout the route:

  • Thanks to the possibility of linking the positioning data with the temperature and humidity records from the inside of the vehicle (cabin, fridge, A/C), it is possible to analyze and monitor the status of the goods at each point along the vehicle distribution routes.

Optimization of distribution routes:

  • By keeping a record of the vehicle’s positioning throughout its working day, the algorithm integrated in the TORSA Cloud platform allows the optimization of routes with the aim of reducing dispatch times and eliminating downtime.

Generation of statistics and indicators:

  • From the TORSA Cloud platform, users are able consult general statistics, filtered statistics for each vehicle, route as well as any indicator that the client considers relevant.
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