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Orders containers entering PYROS

Certified COVID-19 cleaning system for the logistics industry

PYROS is the only system for the logistics industry that has a certificate issued by a laboratory that guarantees the complete elimination of COVID-19 in the order preparation process.

Coronavirus certified cleaning system - PYROS

PYROS is the latest development of TORSA that arises in response to the recent global pandemic of coronavirus and the need to adapt the logistics industry to new health and safety standards.

The PYROS system is a thermal transmission device that adapts to the production lines of the warehouses and is capable of continuously eliminating viruses and bacteria, in less than a second, and without causing stops or additional times in the process of preparation of orders.

During the development of PYROS, we collaborated closely with MICROAL, an ENAC accredited laboratory specialized in conducting microbiological studies and tests.


To ensure that PYROS removed any trace of viruses and bacteria, MICROAL carried out two tests in which the containers were contaminated with strains of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Listeria monocytogenes) and viruses (Quantitative Synthetic SARS-CoV-2 RNA , VR-3276SD), and after passing them through PYROS, samples were taken and PCR tests were carried out, concluding that 98% of bacteria and 100% of viruses had been eliminated.

Therefore, PYROS is currently the only device for the logistics and distribution industry that is certified by an ENAC accredited laboratory that guarantees the complete elimination on surfaces of viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID- 19).

The documents related to each test carried out by MICROAL and the certifications obtained in the elimination of COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria, can be shared on demand by filling out the form at the bottom of this entry.


PYROS is installed on the production lines and can be adapted to any type of layout found in the logistics warehouse.

The system has a compressed air current that goes through a series of resistances and internal recirculation circuits until obtaining the necessary temperature for the elimination of viruses and bacteria. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system projects the hot air onto the containers that pass through it without causing stops in the order preparation flow.

In less than a second and during the constant flow of orders, PYROS guarantees the complete elimination of COVID-19 as well as other possible viruses and bacteria that may be inside the cuvettes.

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