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Recording the picking and order fulfillment process

Neptune Lite allows to show evidence of the manual preparation process of the orders and of the presence of the articles before possible future claims of the clients.

Currently there is an exponential growth in the eCommerce sector, companies that already had an online sales channel have been joined by many companies that have been forced to complement their traditional physical sales model with a new electronic commerce channel through of eCommerce platforms.

To meet the existing demand, the presence of various warehouses is necessary from where the various logistics operations are carried out in order to get the products to the end customers. Depending on the type of product and the industry, these warehouses may have a greater or lesser degree of automation depending on the design of the order preparation process.

In warehouses with a lower degree of automation in which the preparation of orders is generally carried out through manual processes or “picking”, there is a high rate of possible human errors and as a result, a significant number of complaints from customers.

Facing this situation and thanks to the experience demonstrated in reducing errors and claims in warehouses with a high level of automation, TORSA has designed the Neptune Lite system that guarantees the complete automatic capture of the order preparation and packaging process.

Neptune Lite captures and stores videos of manual picking and packing of orders prepared by warehouse personnel. In addition, Neptune Lite integrates with warehouse management software (WMS) to automatically associate captured videos with customers and thus also be able to trace each order with the items that compose it.

The workflow in a warehouse that has Neptune Lite would be as follows:

  • Ordering by the customer through the online sales channel.
  • Start of order preparation by the logistics center (warehouse).
  • Recording of the preparation process (introduction of articles in shipping boxes) and packaging.
  • Order shipping
  • Receipt of the order by the customer


By having Neptune Lite installed in a logistics center, the video associated with the order is allowed to be used as a tool for identifying errors in the event of possible claims by the customer. Neptune Lite shows the evidence of the order picking process in order to take preventive and corrective actions if failures are identified in these processes.


Neptune Lite can be integrated into the order picking process at different stages and thus provide various functionalities to the logistics center

Integration Neptune Lite


Neptune Lite has a powerful communications interface that allows the connection of a wide range of peripherals that make it can also work as a station of assistance to the preparation of orders or “Workstation”.

Accesories Neptune Lite


In addition to having a tool to show evidence or not of the existence of the articles subject to a possible claim by a customer, the videos generated by Neptune Lite can be used optionally as a loyalty tool and improvement of the user experience of the online sales channel of companies in the retail sector.

By providing a video to the customer in which they can see the preparation of their order prior to receipt, it is about reaching the highest level of order customization, considering this service as an individualized marketing strategy or “marketing one to one “.

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