Our high-tech solutions for heavy industry have been awarded internationally. TORSA develops solutions that solve daily problems in mining, civil engineering, distribution and vehicles fleet management.

Torsa is a pioneer and world leader in the most professionalized and optimized logistics sector, the pharmaceutical distribution. That brand of excellence is what we export to all our logistics and e-commerce solutions from any other sector.


In its commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change, Torsa develops, produces and designs renewable energy facilities, wind and photovoltaic parks, nationally and internationally.

We are specialists in identifying needs in the industry and in solving them through our technological developments.

We have professionals with extensive experience in developing high-level technological solutions with the aim of optimizing various processes and solving common problems in the industrial sector.

Our developments begin with a prior analysis of needs, continuing through various stages of concept, development of hardware (electronics, enclosures, etc.), software and firmware until reaching a final prototype. Once the various laboratory and field tests and trials have been completed, a technological solution is reached that is ready to be delivered to the final customer.

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