Renovables TORSA

Optimization of the approaching and load operation

When trucks are approaching shovels or bulldozers and during loading operations, the TORSA optimization system for loading distances is capable of providing operators with exact data about distances in real time in order to ensure optimal, fast and safe parking and loading operations.



When a haul truck is in incorrectly placed relative to the shovel, the operator receives an alert message through its screen and an acoustic alert corresponding to the risk situation is also generated. By providing the operator with this information in real time, risky situations due to miscalculations, poor visibility or following tracks by previously loaded trucks are avoided. As is the case with all TORSA solutions, the Distance Optimization during Loading system is integrated into the TORSA Cloud environment, thus ensuring correct interaction, operation and information management for all our clients.

Likewise, as is the case for the rest of TORSA solutions for heavy industry, the system generates statistics and reports from each truck aimed at meeting the needs of the different departments of the mining operation. These reports provide both operational and management personnel with the most relevant data for the evaluation of internally established the KPIs. For example, a list of vehicles that have generated more risk events in loading operations can be obtained, enabling the identification of those workers who need preventive training.

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