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Statkraft starts Chilean wind business with 109-MW purchase

Norwegian state-owned renewable energy company Statkraft AS has acquired three wind farm projects in Chile from Torsa Chile SA, a unit of Spanish renewable energy firm Torsa Renovables SL.


All three projects, the 30-MW Cardonal, the 27.6-MW Manantiales and the 51.75-MW Cerrillos, have environmental permits and are planned for installation in the commune of Litueche in the O’Higgins region, the company, through its local unit, said Tuesday.

Statkraft plans to invest USD 180 million (EUR 163.4m) to build the wind farms and commission them in 2022. The community engagement process has yet to be initiated.

Statkraft has been present in Chile for more than a decade as an operator of several hydropower plants. The recent acquisition marks the company’s first move towards the Chilean wind power market.

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