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Reducing errors and claims in the order fullfilment process

Neptune is the world’s leading system for quality assurance in shipping, whose mission is to provide the necessary records to guarantee the traceability of the supply chain of logistics distributors and wholesalers, adapting to the needs of each client.

In logistics centers, the Neptune system takes photographs and videos of the order fulfillment process the containers (totes, bins, boxes, etc) and associates them with their respective barcodes without stopping the conveyor belt. The system allows for complete traceability, creating a chain of linkages from order to bin to each item located within it.


Neptune Warehouse

In this way, Neptune provides evidence of the order fulfillment process, drilling right down to the individual article that is the object of a claim.

Similarly, in areas or logistics centers where the preparation of orders and shipments is done manually (by picking process), Neptune adapts to the work space, recording the entire picking process and leaving a visual record associated with each order.

Neptune centralizes all information in a web interface which, thanks to its integration with the company’s ERP data, is capable of associating orders, articles, customers, totes, etc. using the graphic registers captured by the system. The system has a simple interface through which the user can perform personalized searches to identify possible items that are the subject of a claim.


Neptune TORSA

Objective data provided by our clients has allowed us to verify that the implementation of Neptune considerably reduces the error rate in the preparation of orders to a minimum value. 


A dramatic reduction in the number of claims as well as in the error rate during the preparation of orders
The ability to identify preventive and corrective actions thanks to the possibility of auditing the production process at any time
Improved retrieval of products that have been shipped erroneously
Production staff self-esteem increases due to the ability to identify genuine claims made by clients
Manage claims more efficiently thanks to the opportunity to identify clients that are not in control of their inbound orders
Avoids the need to revise orders manually before they are shipped
The ability to reliably identify whether articles have been shipped to clients when a claim is received improves the quality of stock in the logistics centre
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